Our company (Grefound Nigeria Limited) was incorporated in 1999 as a
NigerianCompany in accordance with the provisions of Companies and
Allied Matters Act with not less than 100% equity shares by Nigerians

Welcome to Grefound Nigeria Limited.

Grefound Nigeria Limited was established to provide Technical Services to both the Private and Public sectors (especially in Energy and Oil & Gas industries). This capability enables us to offer our customers the full Support from Designing, Engineering, Construction, Procurement, Installation/Commissioning and upto Maintenance Management and also providing General Technical/Supports Services.

Company History

The founding of Grefound Nigeria Limited was due to the vision of Gregory Nkem and Samuel Imuk (Managing Director and Director) to build a Team of proficient personnel (with Rapid Response Skills that was unavailable or inadequate) to provide Services to Oil & Gas Industries. This enthusiasm leveraged their voluntary separation from Mobil Producing Nigeria Unlimited during Mobil/Exxon merger in 1999; consequently Grefound Nigeria Limited was incorporated to fulfill this desire.

We run every aspect of our business with integrity and according to the highest standards of business conduct. Grefound Nigeria Limited’s business in Nigeria is conducted through individual operating companies. This includes Landmark Guesthouse. The people at Grefound Nigeria Limited are highly trained specialists within their respective fields. Regular international and local training programs are in place to ensure that we present our customers with the very best product and engineered solutions for their businesses.



As an experienced and reputable Nigerian registered companies, either acting alone or as a joint venture, We provide Specialist Technical Personnel, tools/Equipment  and other resources in carrying out our Clients Operations.


Our vision will be accomplished by focusing on the following priorities:

  • Help our customers improve production safely at cost effective manner.
  • Maintain leadership in advanced technology by encouraging all employees to lead with entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Attract and retain a highly skilled workforce that excels in a dynamic, high-energy environment where many ground breaking, leading advancements in oilfield technology are being made.
  • To be a fast-action indigenous company in the supply of Oilfield Machinery, Production Materials, Tools, Spare parts, representing OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers)


Our goal is to help our customers improve their productivity cost-effectively, to be the best indigenous Gas/Oilfield services provider and to transfer to our youths the knowledge we acquired from the respective hi-tech organizations we were privileged to serve.


  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Quality
  • Accountability
  • Safety
  • Our People
  • Our Customers

At Grefound Nigeria Limited, we understand that our customers’ needs are our corporate needs. Every day we work hard to harness new technologies and improve our efficiencies so that we can provide the most trusted and respected service in this industry.


To Continuously Strive To Improve On The Quality Of The Services We Render To Our Clients Using The Right People, Processes And Technology

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Jane Doe
Jane Doe
DNS / Logistic Department
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Josh Devon
Josh Devon
Virgin Cadburry / CTO
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Valeria Kindergarden
Valeria Kindergarden
Goldie / Management Department